Cuisinart Juicer Reviews

Cuisinart Juicer ReviewsCuisinart Juicer Reviews. Founded in 1971, Cuisinart made a name for themselves with their highly popular food processors, a product line which is still the backbone of their business today. However, Cuisinart has expanded to produce all types of kitchenware, from blenders to electric knives to waffle makers and, of course, juicers. Although the company is not known as juicer specialists, Cuisinart juicer reviews are usually very positive, as many customers find Cuisinart juicers to be an excellent tool for creating fast, healthy, and homemade juices with the press of a button.

Cuisinart does not boast a large or diverse line of juicers, but they do carry suitable products for consumers with different levels of juicing expertise. Even Cuisinart’s lower priced models have attractive features, such as adjustable reamers, multiple pulp control settings, and a “final spin” feature which helps extract the maximum amount of juice.

Cuisinart’s kitchen products are known for their sharp, sleek design and aesthetics, and their juicers are no exception. One of the common praises in Cuisinart juicer reviews is its stylish appearance, as most Cuisinart products are made from brushed stainless steel. Entry level Cuisinart juicers are also compact in design, making them easy to handle and fit into cabinets when not in use. An always popular feature, Cuisinart juicers have removable parts which are dishwasher safe, making cleanup as simple as possible. The majority of Cuisinart juicers come with competitive, 3-year limited warranties.

High-end Cuisinart juicers boast an array of features common across top quality juicer brands. A housing constructed of stainless steel and die cast provides maximum durability and above average countertop aesthetics. These juicers not only look good, they sound good, too. According to many Cuisinart juicer reviews, the operating noise level of these juicers is below average compared to some competitors.

Many Cuisinart owners find it easy to use the juicer in the morning without waking up everyone in the house.  The mechanical features of Cuisinart juicers make them very appealing to a number of customers, especially given the price range compared to other brands of similar features. Cuisinart juicers have a nifty “foam management filter disk,” which does just what it says—reduces foam in the final product.

A two liter pulp container and included cleaning brush contribute to the convenience of cleaning and waste disposal. Combined with a 1,000 watt, 5 speed motor, Cuisinart’s top quality juicers easily fit in with the crowd of expensive, professional-grade juicers.

Although some Cuisinart juicer reviews claim that the juicer leaves moist pulp behind (the best gauge of juicer quality), overall these products are a great choice for expert and novice juicers alike. The price range of Cuisinart juicers make them especially attractive, as other brands with similar features can easily cost twice as much.

New Cuisinart juicers ordered directly from the company start at around $30.00 and go up to $150 or more. has an ample listing of new and used Cuisinart juicers, many of which are listed at a respectable discount. Furthermore, Amazon has unparalleled shipping options and rates, so ordering with them can help save money on your juicer purchase. Click here to view some of the best prices for a Cuisinart Juicer!

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